What Happens When You Put Young Men on a Desolate, Uninhabited, Small Island in the Pacific

American scientists developed a fantastic electronic system for boats on the water, submarines under the water and airplanes in the sky. The navigation system was called Loran (Long Range Aid to Navigation.) It was extremely accurate, easy to use, and played a vital role in helping the Allies to win WWII. For sixty years it was the technology that allowed boats and airplanes to know where they were. It also allowed nuclear missiles on submarines and in bunkers to precisely hit targets.

During and after the war, Loran stations were established all over the world. Because the signal was so powerful, the Loran stations were in remote areas. The United States Coast Guard was given the responsibility to run the stations. Stations had as few as thirteen crew members up to

as many as forty-two. Most of the sailors were young and found it difficult to spend twelve months with no interaction with family, friends, or civilians. They were far from home, isolated and lonesome.

During the recent covid-19 lockdowns I was isolated, lonesome, and bored. It brought back memories of when I was the commanding officer of Loran station Iwo Jima, Japan. I wrote about that year on isolated duty in a book entitled “What Rotten Eggs”. It is interesting, entertaining and has many valuable insights. To learn about it go to http://www.danielmwhiteauthor.com


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