Writing a Book

People tell me they have a great idea for a fictional book, but they are at a loss on how to get started. I have a sure fire, proven method to get your story from your head to paper. The first thing you must do is get a writing shirt. It must be stylish and comfortable.

After you have the perfect shirt for writing you need to get a second article of clothing to begin your writing adventure. It is particularly important if there are many people in your house. Nothing is more frustrating then to be banging away on the keyboard, “in the zone” and have you wife interrupt you to ask you what you want for dinner. The hat keeps your head warm and discourages interruptions.

Now that you are properly attired, you are ready to begin. There are basically two approaches:

                          1. Spend years making a detailed outline, character biographies

                                  calendar of events and story flow diagrams.

                           2. “Seat of the Pants” sit in front of the computer and start writing.

With the seat of the pants method, you have no idea what the story is about until you finish.

I did the second approach last year and in three months I had a book.

Loran Iwo Jim


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